The Mailroom

The Mailroom is our private dining room at the Old Place, which can seat from 9 to 12 people.  The Mailroom is loaded with history as it was home to the original sorting table from the Cornell post office, which the building housed prior to the Old Place Restaurant opening in 1970.  Once the room served as a poker room for Tom and his friends to play a friendly game, today it's one of the most unique private dining rooms in Los Angeles!

The room is lit by an antique chandelier held in place by a 100 year old mariner's chain, and lots of candles.  The ceiling is covered with rustic pieces of recycled metal, and the walls are adorned with original art painted by the matriarch of the Runyon family, Barbara Runyon.

For parties larger than 12, we can accommodate you in the main dining room by reserving your required number of booths and / or tables for your party.  Be reminded that you will be separated by the five foot walls of each booth - but not to worry - the informal personality of the Old Place stills lends itself to a lively atmosphere for our guests.

We are willing to rent out the restaurant, but really only on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

The mailroom seating times are 4:30, 6:30, and 8:30 for dinner.  For brunch, please call.

For inquiries about larger parties please email us at OLD PLACE CORNELL RESERVATIONS.